Personalized Money Management

My name is Steven Sherman. My investment career began at Goldman Sachs in 1961. I retired from Wall Street as a Senior Vice- President and Director of Paine Webber and Manager of their arbitrage department. I have been featured in articles in Financial World magazine and Institutional Investor as well as on Adam Smith’s Money World television show.

I am now an independent, licensed investment advisor. I run a boutique money management business of my own. I was a pioneer in the use of Exchange Traded Funds and Closed End Funds as sophisticated tools of diversification. I am affiliated with no brokerage firms, I receive no commissions and my clients are free to maintain their accounts at the broker of their choice. I simply determine what and when to buy and sell for my clients, and place the orders in their accounts and charge a standard quarterly investment advisory fee. 

If you would like me to help you achieve your investment goals contact me and we can arrange a free consultation.

Steven Sherman

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